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About ReelCalm

ReelCalm is a community based app designed to identify potentially harmful triggers in movies, so that those with past trauma or anxiety can watch in peace.

One of our favourite things to do is cuddle up on the couch with a bag of popcorn and watch a movie. Movies are an incredible form of entertainment, but unfortunately there are a lot of movies that contain scenes some of us would rather not see. Movies with scenes of sexual assault, natural disasters or overt racism can be incredibly damaging to thousands of people. With ReelCalm, you can help to warn people BEFORE they watch those movies, ensuring that everybody knows what to expect when they press PLAY.

How It Works?


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As a member, you'll have access to our database of over 600,000 movies! Whatever movie you want, we're pretty sure we've got it, and with the help of our amazing community, you'll be more prepared than ever for your weekend movie nights.

Add Triggers

Did you just see a scene in a movie that brought up some unwanted memories, causing you to not enjoy the movie as much as you hoped? Don't worry, you're not alone. That's why we at ReelCalm have made it incredibly easy for you to add triggers to movies, so that the next person can be better prepared.

Bookmark Movies

We've all got our watch lists! In ReelCalm, we give you the ability to save any movie you want in your bookmarks, so that before you watch it, you can come back here and see if there might be any unwanted triggers.

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